How We’re Increasing Your Comfort, While Being Energy Efficient

Whether a large or a small rural infrastructure pension operating costs of a hotel have much to do with the energy efficiency of the compound.

Improving the effectiveness always involves energy savings, but not necessarily an increased comfort. It is for this reason that since Ostee Hotel’s inception, we believe all renewal decisions must take into account energy savings but also the welfare of the occupants. Also, if you are doing a renovation of spaces, we want them to be unique and create a memorable experience for our guests, which we got through design.

interior design concept 13

We see then that renew a pass to get energy efficiency, comfort and design in all hotel areas. But how it performs this type of hotel renovation?

Energy efficiency aims to achieve indoor comfort with energy and environmental cost.

The Real Energy Efficiency of Our Hotel

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We know that support inside a hotel is based on having a temperature and humidity and if this can be accomplished by passive design strategies because this way we will save on energy costs and make a profit as the environment.

We will act on different elements such as…

– Thermal inertia. Increasing the thickness of the walls or work with thicker soil allows us to store heat during the day is released at night when it is possible to ventilate the hotel. This is a strategy of traditional architecture that can be recovered today to save on ventilation and air conditioning.

– Ventilation. It is important that our hotel provided natural ventilation, open patios, windows and protection from the sun are also bioclimatic architecture strategies that not only improve efficiency but also increase the comfort and welfare of guests

– Windows. Installing high-efficiency windows that isolate perfection or even Low-E windows

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– Isolation. Finally, perhaps one of the most important strategies is to increase the insulation of the exterior walls of our hotel. It is, if done properly one of the most profitable investments in efficiency but also one of the most complex and can not be done in any hotel renovation. You will need the advice of a professional to assess whether the insulation will improve the indoor environment.

The Comfort of Our Clients

comfortable stays

As we always say in the study “does not want the customer to feel at home, your feeling must be better than that home sensation.”

A hotel should be a place where the client wakes up thinking he has slept better than at home and get must act on various aspects of the indoor environment.

Sometimes hotels have historical complexes, as Centennial cottages or stone buildings that incorporate many elements of traditional architecture and if they have managed to maintain and enhance help to create an atmosphere of real comfort about which little can act in a renewal.

However, often, because of ignorance or successive extensions throughout the years, this environment of comfort has been modified for example by introducing joinery PVC or synthetic insulation. Also, in newer buildings (especially hotel buildings of the twentieth century) have been carried out by local weather disrespectful techniques, known as bioclimatic architecture.

Recover traditional wisdom and innovative use natural materials such as wood fiber panel or projected cellulose insulation are solutions that can significantly improve the quality of the indoor environment and thus the experience of our guests.

In Criteria Arquitecthos continually research and innovate in construction processes of our projects to offer our customers spaces that live and experience with all five senses. Create a great space not only be a design and avant-garde interiors but should provide comfort to the guest and this feeling is the key to a top hotel.